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Diploma Course - Comit Computer Education

  • DCA Course (6 months)

    ₹4,500 / 1 Student

    1. Fundamentals of Computer: a) Basic of computer b) Computer Units c) Computer organization d) Computer measurement e) Number System 2. DOS (Disk Operating System) (limit) a) System level b) Drive level c) Directory level d) File level 3. Windows: a) Windows terminologies b) Small Applet i) Calculator ii) Notepad c) Rich Applet i) Paint Brush ii) Word pad 4. Microsoft office: a) Microsoft office word 2007 b) Microsoft office Excel 2007 c) Microsoft office PowerPoint 2007 d) Microsoft office Access 2007 5. Internet a) Basic of internet b) Emailing c) Social Networking d) Online Application i) Cast certificate ii) Residents certificate iii) Income certificate iv) Pan card v) Passport vi) Voter Id vii) Govt. or Pvt. Job viii) Scholarship Note : Hindi & English Class will be free with this course.

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